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  • Cinema ticket prices

    Curious to know how much do you have to pay for a cinema ticket in your various countries guys, here in France in the city I live in it ranges from 6€ (8.20$) for small, independent cinemas to 9€ (12.30$) in a larger, more commercial ones.

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    15 bucks.
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      Originally posted by leatchy View Post
      15 bucks.
      It's generally the same price here as well. Per person that is.


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        Originally posted by Marines View Post
        It's generally the same price here as well. Per person that is.

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          I don't know... the only time we go to the movies anymore is when a new Harry Potter movie comes out.

          Now that the wifey has finished reading the new book, we are planning a trip to the theater. Later I shall post back to this thread the actual cost of admission.

          (And gods forbid that you want some sort of refreshment to go along with your viewing!)

          EDIT: Hm... apparently Teh Internets is a wonderful thing. I can now buy tickets online. Cost at the theater in my area, US$9.00 for an adult ticket for an evening show.
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            I think it's about $9 a person here. I don't get refreshments though. I reckon I can go 2 hours without a watered down coke and some stale popcorn.


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              Usually about $12 CDN.

              I don't go very often, I prefer to wait for the film to come out on DVD.
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                Depends on day, and location.

                Here in town on cheapo day it's 4 bucks. Regular fare is 6.50, or 7.50 fri sat. But here in town our screens are really modest sized too.

                Now in nearby city where you can locate the more uber sized mega screens your fare is likely 9ish or up to 11 bucks for the truely deluxe amusement.

                But in my view, even our towns schlock screen is dozens of times the size of a 63 inch mega TV And that's all you really need anyway. The places with screens so large you actually need to nod your head back and forth to view the entire image, are likely overkill.

                Of course if you actually buy food at the film, you can assume your movie cost you 25 bucks a person minimum hehe. I always eat a large dinner BEFORE I go to the theatre.
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