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    We all have our best movie categories. Was thinking of starting a lame one.

    Hows about a very very obscure one.

    The GI And The Sammurai. Stars Sonny Chiba as a JDF LT. who is somehow magically transported back into 17th century Japan. It is so stupid you cant help but watch it till the end and ooooh and aaaaaaah about it.
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    There was one once with a Samurai in the Old West to recover a sword...
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      I thought Crimson Tide was pretty lame. The story just felt like a rehash of other Cold-war movies but it wasn't even cold war, just scrambling for a purpose kind of like our own Army after the Soviet collapse.
      I couldn't believe that any of the officers were actual Submarine officers. They acted more like frat boys or maybe they would make it as Marine officers, but people who are that dumb would have grounded our sub fleet.


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        Ever seen the Wedding Planner? Only then, my son, have you seen lame.
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          Originally posted by MountainMan View Post
          There was one once with a Samurai in the Old West to recover a sword...
          Ooooh yeah! Red Sun! But lame? Really? I liked it. Of course I was 10 and even saw it in a drive-in.
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            How about the insect disaster film The Swarm???


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