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  • worst war miniseries

    My vote is for 'Colditz" which I recently picked up in walmart for $8. I'm glad I didn't pay more.
    It stars Damien Lewis--the acting is good, the story is stupid. Lewis portays a soldier who escapes and begins to work for Military Intelligence specializing in developing means to assist escapers. Meanwhile he meets the girlfriend of one of his fellow escapers-one who was recaptured, and begins to try to win her heart--going so far as faking the other guys death notice and killing an escaper who knows he's alive. The actual bits about life in Colditz are ok, except for the part about the junkie who betrays an escape for dope.
    In the words of the great critic, jon lovitz , "It Stinks!"

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    Hmm, I have seen sooooo many documentaries.

    But miniseries, I guess that they are not really always documentary grade stuff.

    Having trouble actually distinguishing any videos that are a. military, b. mini series, and c. not really just documentaries.

    I have failed to obtain Winds of War due to being under interested.

    But that's actually the limit of series I can immediately recall.
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      It helps to remember that the British, who eschew the mindless violence we find to absolutely necessary to hold audience attention, make entirely different kinds of fims and documentaries from ours. Much more cerebral and based on acting rather than cosntant action and one-line zingers.

      OTH - take a look at Danger: UXB or A Piece Of Cake for two Britishwar mini-series that were superb.
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        How can anyone forget the Blue And The Grey from the early 80s. That movie blew chunks
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