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Who was the Hottest Babe in all the Star Trek series?

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    Deanna Troi, you have to appreciate her mind.

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      I went with T'pol...the sexiest Vulcan out there!

      PS Dave...its Christine Chapel not Janice
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        Nyota Uhura all the others are just pretenders to the throne!!

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          I find T'pol slightly annoying really. Always sullen and peevish.

          Anyone remember K'Ehleyr?
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            Although Uhura is my favorite among those listed in the poll, I've always been more drawn to the Orion Slave Girls. What can I say...I like women of color...

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              Dont forget Ezri Dax

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                Originally posted by Aries View Post
                Some viewers think they recall Uhura's having sung these words during a Star Trek episode, but they're actually remembering her performing a song called "Beyond Antares" to troubled young Charlie Evans in the episode "Charlie X."
                Ah, I had forgotten about that one. Another classic.

                Nichelle Nichols also has the distinction of being involved in the first inter-racial kiss shown on US television (Uhura and Kirk), which is also kind of cool.
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         -- Lots and lots and lots of pics, from TOS, TNG, DS9, and Voyager.
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                    Originally posted by panzermacher View Post
                    PS Dave...its Christine Chapel not Janice
                    Hey Panzermacher, I know.
                    (It was late and I was reading from a list, typing in names and submitted it before checking the list for mistakes)

                    Go back and read the "ps" on the bottom of my message in my first post on page 1 of this thread.

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                      Originally posted by Aussie Dave View Post
                      Heres some trivia for you.

                      Did you know Christine Chapel (The Head Nurse assisting "Bones") from the Original series played Deanna Troi's mother and was also the voice of the computer?

                      Its true.

                      She also played number 1 in the original pilot "The cage".
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                        Ensign Sato is also omitted from the poll:

                        Seven of Nine has a certain determination that you have to admire, though. Also, she sings pretty well. Was there anything else?


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                          While my favorite (Hoshi of Enterprise) wasn't listed. I voted for my next favorite.

                          But all of them were lovely. And Majel Roddenberry (Christine Chapel, etc.) got the job because she married the producer.
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                            Well, since I REALLY didn't like the show 'Enterprise' (very lame story line and annoying captain), I am biased against those characters from that series. I didn't like Ensign Sato.


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