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    Originally posted by Pruitt View Post
    I have a question about this definition of "Militia" as underage and not qualified physically for the AEF. My understanding was the WW 1 veterans were also included in the Militia. They were a little older and not as physically agile as the young men in the AEF. I would take a veteran of Gallipoli or the Western Front in my foxhole with me over the younger men in the 8th Australian Division. These older gents at least knew what war was about and would not take stupid chances.

    Plenty of WW1 vetreans served in the militia, but often were simply physically unable to make the grade. It's worth remembering that the captains of 1915 were the generals of 1942 - and while it's fine to have generals that age, not so much your majors and NCOs. By that stage, anyway, the 2nd AIF had seen plenty of action anyway, so in 1942 when their was a scramble to get what were essentially labour battalions ready they recieved a stiffening of AIF officers and NCOs (as shown in the film).
    Colonel Summers' widely quoted critique of US strategy in the Vietnam War is having a modest is poor history, poor strategy, and poor Clausewitz to boot - Robet Komer, Survival, 27:2, p. 94.


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      I remember reading that there were "issues" related to overage ex 1st AIF serving in the 2nd AIF. Specifically that they were physically less able than their younger comrades and were therefore a weak point in their units. A case of the mind being willing but being let down by the flesh.
      War. Young men killing each other for the benefit of old men!


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