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The Last King of Scotland

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  • The Last King of Scotland

    Talk about a Academy winning preformance by Forrest Whittaker. If anyone ever deserved an Oscar for a preformance, it's Forrest Whittaker. He captured the persona Idi Amin 150%, and far beyond that. I still can't believe that Forrest Whittaker never met the man, his preformance is simply outstanding.

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    even better than the fantastic performance of forest whitaker is the rendition of Uganda in the 70's. very very realistic picture on African regimes and african psyche, I thought, wher the leader must be feared and brutal - it's still a real dog eat dog there. it fondly reminded me of my years spent roaming Africa... VERY good movie!
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      This is a film a I have wanted to see and your opinons are reinforcing my beliefs in this!
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