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One more Mob Movie Poll...

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  • One more Mob Movie Poll...

    Let's do the Scorsese mob films:

    I'm excluding The Departed as it's not quite the same theme...

    Casino or Goodfellas?

    This is another case of two amazing movies in my opinion, and not being sequels maybe we don't quite have to do the same comparison, but we're going to anyway!

    They're both very similar films, and follow a very similar story path.

    I love Goodfellas - a lot - but I'm going to have to side with Casino here. While in the Godfather debate I have artistic (story and cinematic) reasons for preferring the first one, in this case it's purely subject matter. Both movies were based to vary degrees on real people/events. Goodfellas a little more closely, but especially Pesci's character in Casino was based on a real mobster. However, the story of Las Vegas, which Casino sums up very well is much more interesting to me (as much as I appreciate the dynamics of the mob resisting vs. getting into drugs).
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    I will have to go with Goodfellas, brilliant film. Just recently watch 'The Departed' and thought that very good as well.


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      Goodfellas. "Are you talkin' to me?"
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        Tough call James!

        I went with Goodfellas in the end, hard to make a good mob movie since then.

        The funny guy scene :


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          Goodfellas. I love the scenes where Layla is playing and the police are finding all the dead bodies.
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            I never saw those movies.
            Am I missing some good stuff?
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              Goodfellas! Definately! Cuz "every body gets whacked!"
              Now it's ten years later but he still keeps up the fight
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                Originally posted by Slug View Post
                I never saw those movies.
                Am I missing some good stuff?
                If you like movies where no one is really the good guy! Mob movies are about, well, mobsters. Not nice people. That being said they are excellent movies. But I do have a buddy that hates them because he says he doesn't get the whole 'glorification of gangsters thing' as he calls it. To each his own I guess.
                Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.


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