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Soviet/Russian military movies

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  • Soviet/Russian military movies


    Look this, it is about the best Soviet/Russian military movies.

    Some of them are translated to English and AVAILABLE for Westerners now.

    Here is a quote from a message of a Westerner who saw some of them:

    "I get a lot of rave reviews from my canadian customers.
    They can't seem to understand, that great movies like that are so absolutely unknown here in north america." (It was about "Tranzit" and "72 meters")

    "My canadian customers where pleasantly surprised when they watched it, and even more surprised that it was a movie they had never heard about.
    This is a movie that you can not buy from the regular american distributors, and do not have it listed. I ordered those movies from ruscico." (It was about "They fought for the Motherland")

    Some of them are DUBBED to English and are available in

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