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    Last week I received a free DVD and booklet called Weapons of War. The DVD and booklet subject matter was US Navy Carriers.
    The DVD is about 40 minutes long and it covers the entire history of the carrier and not just the US history it also includes British and Japanese carrier footage as well. It also is up to date on subject matter, making mention of the fact that the Super Hornet would be replacing the Tomcat. I found the DVD to be fun and informative, the small booklet that accompanies the DVD was also full of interesting facts as well as a quiz.

    This is the first in a long line of videos by this company, more on the way include Tanks, attack helicopters and Reich air defense. There is a special trial offer going on.

    If anyone else received the free set to try let me know what you thought.

    Here is the website. click on the our products link in the upper left side of the home page. This will take you to the page in which you can select Weapons of War.

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