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  • Combat Mission (The TV Show)

    A few years back there was a reality show that was 100x's better than anything on TV today, it was called Combat Missions.
    For those of you who do not remember it, here is a quick overview.

    It placed squads of retired and semi retired highly trained Military men and Law enforcement officers in teams and they battled each other and an enemy called shadow squad in tactical and physical missions. Almost all branches of the United States Military were represented, Seals, Delta, Force Recon, Green Berets, CIA along with Swat team members from some larger cities.

    I found it to be highly entertaining and was angry that they didn't bring it back or release it on DVD as of yet. These guys were real warriors, most had seen combat and one former Seal was killed in Iraq as a civilian contractor after the show was over (Scott Halvenston ).

    I am happy to say that for us fans a great site called You Tube is bringing these shows back. I have been watching hours of evolutions since last week. Search Combat Missions and you will not be disappointed.

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