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Letters From Iwo Jima vs. Flags of Our Fathers

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  • Letters From Iwo Jima vs. Flags of Our Fathers

    Obviously we have a big promotion going on right now for the movie, so I don't feel it is appropriate for to put out a Letters review until that is over with. However, I've seen the movie and would like to know what others thought of it (assuming you've seen it as well). As a foreign language film, it was very hard to find it screening in my city. Was it better than Flags?

    We also have an article from the magazine that I thought was appropriate for the Iwo Jima battle. This one addresses the longstanding belief (stated openly in Flags of our Fathers) that Iwo Jima was a necessary stepping stone for the eventual downfall of Japan and the protection and safety of US bomber crews. But, do the statistics back this up?

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    Since its hit a wider release I managed to see it today.... Even more poignant than FOOF in my opinion....

    It puts a human face on what has always been a faceless group of men Banzai charging and getting cut down in all those old war movies.
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      I saw it today. Good show. Greatly enjoyed it.


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        Originally posted by BarcelonaBlom View Post
        Since its hit a wider release I managed to see it today.... Even more poignant than FOOF in my opinion....

        It puts a human face on what has always been a faceless group of men Banzai charging and getting cut down in all those old war movies.
        I've heard reviews/opinions similar to yours across the board regarding LFIJ and FOOF. My plan is to see FOOF next week (if it is still playing in my area) and then catch LFIJ next weekend.
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          Just went and saw "Letters" Today.....Wow again is all I can say....finally...we get a glimpse of how the "other" side saw the battle. Watanabe gives a good portrayal of Kuribayashi...but my hats off to the guy who played Saigo, the private.
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            Flags of our Fathers

            My brother-in-law was in the first wave of Marines on Iwo Jima. He was wounded, and was on the island only five days (same as movie guys). He was interviewed by Leatherneck and it appeared in the Leatherneck paper in Vallejo, CA, where his wife (my sister) read about it. He had not even gotten to Hawaii yet. I have shipped the DVD off to Ft Worth, TX for him and my sister to watch. I will see what he thinks about it. He is on Hospice at this time and I hope he gets to watch it.

            The movie appeared to have too much embedded special graphics and the fact that no one ever referred to SGTs as "Gunny" is strange. The Marine Sgt. that herded the 3 boys around the US, was really shown no respect by them, at all. Very strange for a Marine PFC/PVT in those days.

            He is a link to some historical facts on the flag raising.


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              I saw LFIJ last week and can only echo the positive opinions of others. The glimpse of the 'other side of the hill' can only have a positive effect in removing some of the old hollywood stereotypes.

              An excellent movie, Mr Eastwood was on his game.
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                I saw Flags

                I bought Flags of Our Fathers and watched it on Wednesday and have to say it is a good film. To be honest i was more excited about the preview for "Letters From Iwo Jima".
                I didn't feel as if i got to know the characters well enough in Flags because of all the bouncing around. The action was phenomenal and the acting was good as well. A well rounded film and certainly worth seeing. I did have a tear when they raised the flag.

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                  I have seen both movies and in my opinion Letters From Iwo Jima is far better than Flags of Our Fathers. Flags of Our Fathers was good, however; I really felt that the movie jumped around too much and it was hard to keep track of what was going on and where everyone was. Letters From Iwo Jima spent most of the time focused on the fighting on the island with only a few flashbacks to scenes in Japan or America.
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                    I liked FOOF a great deal. But I don't expect it to give any real challange to LFIJ and I have not even seen LFIJ yet.

                    I just hope they release it as a paired set with bonus stuff aplenty.
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                      just of the premiere here of LFIJ

                      wow, what a great movie. a perfect companion to FOOF.... so much better to make two movies rather than a movie with characters in both sides, as moveis were made before.

                      that way one can really see from each's perspective the inevitable horrors and beastiality of war while also the hope and humanity still in every soldier.

                      on the movie, actors are great, accuracy of uniforms and equipement and all seemed very good.

                      I really liked both movies the same way even if both are so different.

                      two of the best movies of the decade for sure!
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