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    My wife brought me this movie over the weekend. I watched G.I. Jane first, that's how bad I expected it to be. Truth be told, I got real into after about 15 minutes, and watched a second time to hear the commentary. IF you want to laugh hard, and forget that Mel Gibson is a loon for awhile, do the commentary.

    (3) Stars from me, good violence, good fictional characters, plotline that does indeed move like a video game (it should be out soon!) doesn't bother me, it's the way they make 'em these days. Overall production with largely an ethnic crew (who knew they were that good?), and a real attempt by Gibson to flesjh out his story with fact. The end scene, well, they had to end it somehow, maybe it wasn't Cortes, but an earlier explorer who did not return home, and thus doesn't exist in documented history. It's just a movie, after all.
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