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    "October 30, 2006 -- SCI FI channel is pushing ahead with plans to develop a spin-off to "Battlestar Galactica," the network's most buzzed about show ever."

    The Ring Cylon
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    Honestly, this holds about zero interest for me.

    "It's not a war show; it's not even a space show or an action-adventure show," "Battlestar" executive producer Ronald Moore said in a recent interview. "It's a family drama and a political drama about corporations and politics. It's almost [more] like a sci-fi soap than it is an action-adventure series."

    They should stick to action-adventure. Just watch Terminator 3 to see how the machines took over LOL.
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      Sounds boring...
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        The best way to ruin a successful series is to crank out a low budget spin-off.

        Meanwhile I'm still trying to figure out the Cylon obssession with getting laid and finding God. They're begining to act and sound like a bunch of right-wing Bible Belters.
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