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VERY shocking HIV documentary

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  • VERY shocking HIV documentary

    Occasionally you see something that completely shocks the hell out of you.

    This is one instance.

    I wouldn't get to excited about the site location, forget the site location.

    I watched this via a download off my newsgroup service actually. That was merely a link the newsgroup offered as an identifier.

    I have to say, in all my time watching documenmtaries, nothing compares with this material. Nothing.

    Put simply, HIV does NOT cause AIDS.

    Nope, I know what you are going to say, medical community blah blah, 99.99 percent of "experts" claim otherwise blah blah.

    Watch this 2 hour show and try to say that again though.

    We have been lied to in such an effective and such an offensive manner though. And sadly, most of the lie is now self sustaining by us and not the people that started it.

    Do I have proof other than this video? nope. Am I likely to find other proof? likely not.

    But I challenge anyone to give me evidence the video is false.

    The show features men way to qualified to make incorrect assumptions.

    HIV is simply not the cause, and we are never going to find it using the argument we have already determined it.

    Good news, you are likely a lot safer than they tell you if you are NOT a homosexual, drug abuser, or a person in need of regular blood transfusion.

    Bad news is this information suggests a LOT of information that can ONLY sound unfortunately VERY politically incorrect.

    That is unfortunate of course. But it doesn't alter the facts.
    Life is change. Built models for decades.
    Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
    I didn't for a long time either.

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    The so-called "documentary" is a piece of opportunistic fiction, pure and simple, about on a par with the "proof" that the Holocaust did not occur. You cannot ignore "the site", since it is integral to any credibility. Would you believe such a statement from the National Inquirer? Or would you be more likely to believe it in The New York Times? Before Glassing, Hajjing and Roto-Reutering, of course...

    They did get one thing right...partially. AZT was indeed a toxic medication; however, the true reason for the toxicity was lack of knowledge about proper dosage regimens. When the dosage was reduced to it's lowest effective level, it was far less toxic than the average anti-cancer drug.

    I worked for eight years with AIDS patients, four of those years as part of the Army's research program while I treated HIV patients exclusively. I was part of the program to determine the proper dosages of many of the drugs used initially to treat HIV, including the field trials of combo-therapy, and the develoment of the Walter Reed Staging System of HIV/AIDS, which was adopted universally to describe the stage of acquired illness within the patient.

    By the time I was done, I had tested, diagnosed and treated a couple of thousand or so patients, and seen almost all of them die. Of the AIDS patients I treated while I worked for the prison system, all of them died within six months of diagnosis, because those were the first four years of HIV/AIDS, when we knew very little and were frantically trying to learn while trying to keep our patients alive. One of the more interesting things we learned in the process is that the HIV virus is an excellent example of Darwinism at work, adapting swiftly and efficiently to the cultural mores of the host victims.

    In Africa, where male homosexuality is rare, and STD's that cause open gential lesions are common, the virus is transmitted by heterosexual sex. In America, where such STD lesions are rare, the virus rapidly adapted to homosexual anal intercourse, which produces it's own micro-lesions. As the number of homosexual hosts began to die out, the HIV virus rapidly adapted to heterosexual transmission,and it found an entirely new home among IV drug users, host that were uncommon in it's native Africa. It's finiest example of adaptability, however, was it's ability to make the species jump from Green Monkey to Human host.

    The HIV virus destroys the killer T-cells in the human body, thus leading directly to AIDS...Acquired Immune Deficiency yes, it does cause it. If you believe otherwise, help yourself to a dose of HIV and see how it goes. I promise you that you will develop AIDS, unless you get run over by a bus first.

    ************************************************** ***********************

    Here is a little pop quiz for you: in what year did the first case of AIDS,which led to the death of the patient, occur?

    Answer: 1948 A merchant seaman died that year in America of a suspicious illness acquired after port leave in Africa, a previously rare pneumonia caused by pneumocyctis carinii. After HIV/AIDS was discovered, his former physician had the body exhumed and tested, identifying the HIV that lead to the AIDS that allowed his opportunistic infection to kill him.

    ************************************************** ***********************

    What is true is that HIV is not the only way to get AIDS; radiation and chemotherapy are two other ways to "acquire" the Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Some infants are also born with it, aka "bubble" kids.

    AIDS, however, does not kill anyone. Opportunistic infections that your body can no longer defend against are what kill you. At Stage Five of the illness, which is the final stage of AIDS characterized among other things by a T-cell count of under 200, common flora and fauna normally found in your throat and gut, such as Candida albicans, the organism that causes vaginal yeast infections in females and oral "thrush" in males, can kill you.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a dose of false knowledge can kill you.
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    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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      First off did you watch the video entirely, if not your post is invalidated.

      Second, I don't know the people in the video of course, and that's the problem, HOW do you know if you can trust ANYthing on the interent, these people, CNN, Aljazera and the list goes on.

      I watch a lot of BBC programs, it's a matter of assuming that it can't all be lies. But, what is and what isn't?

      I have zero REAL knowledge though, as to whether the video was credible.

      Once upon a time the world was flat, and no amount of experts saying it was made any difference, one man proved it wasn't.

      MM, you say you have a vast body of experience, prove it. How am I to decide, are you making up your background? How do I know you really DID all those things?

      There in lies the problem eh.

      You ARE after all the same Mountain Man that can't figure out how to get to my forum And I am supposed to accept you are an established expert on AIDS treatment.

      As you say "A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a dose of false knowledge can kill you."

      And occasionally a LOT of false knowledge supported by a great number of people, can make the truth impossible to reveal.

      I am not convinced either way the video is full of crap or a shocking revelation.
      Life is change. Built models for decades.
      Not sure anyone here actually knows the real me.
      I didn't for a long time either.


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