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New Stargate Movies?

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  • LRB
    "The sequels would steer clear of the TV show mythologies, Devlin added. "That's right," he said. "We would just continue the mythology of the movie and finish that out. I think the series could still live at the end of the third sequel. So we're going to try to not tread on their stories."

    I wish I knew what the heck that meant. I liked the first film enough. But I am a Stargate SG1 fan, if the films want to go off on a unique tangent, fine, but I am a Stargate SG1 fan as I mentioned, so if these two additional movies fall over and die at the box office, who cares. I still want to see SG1 movies though. Because, as I mentioned, I'm a Stargate SG1 fan

    But as the person that made The Triangle is involved, it might be ok (I liked that film actually).

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  • Siberian HEAT
    started a topic New Stargate Movies?

    New Stargate Movies?

    I'm not sure how they can rectify having the movies take place 12 years after the original, yet not cross streams with the series...but that is the plan.

    As a big Stargate fan, I really don't look on the original movie with all that much fondness. Personally, I'd rather give props where due and have the movie involve the cast of the TV show.

    Still, exciting news nonetheless.

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