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Bought these War films today...

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    Originally posted by Wolfe Tone View Post
    I had 40 euro in HMV gift vouchers left so I went out today with the intention on spending them.

    In our local store they finally seemed to have realised that there is such a genre as 'War Films'

    I picked up 'Das Boot' for 9.99 and was walking off with that and 'Apocalpse Now' + 'Downfall' (going for a surprisingly cheap 8.99!) when I spotted 'Come and See' for 29.99.

    So left with 'Das Boot' and 'Come and See' .

    I was tempted to buy 'Battle of Algiers' at 39.99 but maybe one day...

    I intend to build up a select collection of top war films over the next few years so now I have these ones + 'Gettysburg' and 'Gods and Generals'.
    Which Das Boot version did you pick up? Isn't the film something like 6h long in it's unedited form?
    edit...well, if one believes the ad then the original 'uncut' version is almost 5 hours long!


    fwiw...AMC TV is showing 'the director's cut' of "Das Boot" at 8pm EST on 6/30/07 and "Enemy Below" at 6pm EST

    I need to get a copy of "Come and See." I've never seen "Battle for Algiers" but hope to one of these days!
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      I purchased "DAS BOOT" on DVD for a fiver a few weeks ago at HMV, this version seems totally different from a version i saw years ago, scenes are missing, the English script is different, its a directors cut lasting 3 hours and 20 minutes, so why do they have to mess around with the original.
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        Gettysburg was a movie that got me interested in ACW...and I think I was like 13 or something when I watched it.
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