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Confederate States of America (satire film)

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  • Confederate States of America (satire film)

    Just watched this potentially offending show.

    Warning, this show uses "terms" to which you might find ill advised coming out of your speakers too agressively.

    But at any rate, it's comedy, it's NOT meant to be taken serious. Although I highly doubt any southerner that hates the north will find the show "amusing".

    The show was interesting in how it redirected history. Some of the conclusions were a bit preposterous, but humour is rarely concerned with that sort of thing.

    At any rate, the show was "interesting". It is easier to watch this film, than some of the propagandising stuff based on our actual world though.

    I am unsure though, if you'll want to watch this in the company of any friends that might be black of jewish. The film pulled no punches, this is satire with no apologies offered.
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