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    Actually, ...

    Originally posted by Von Richter View Post
    Think he ran out of juice.
    I loved watching the aircraft gadding about, but did wonder at the wisdom of doing mental arithmetic in the cockpit, with a bit of chalk... at zero feet with 109s about!
    As regards yellow nosed 109s some were reported at the end of the phoney war and over Dunkirk. I'm fairly certain it wasn't common practice till the height of the BofB?

    ... variations of yellow noses started appearing during the Polish campaign, in response to 109s being fired upon by German AAA. It started up again in France for the same reason; JG26 i.e. "The Abbeville Boys" started painting the undersides of their 109 noses yellow in May 1940, and there were others, and the yellow progressed from there.

    If the movie itself appears dull, it's because of the conscious decision by those involved with production, to "keep it real", and not employ CGI technology; what a concept! It was supposed to keep the history buffs in the audience happy, guess that's a misfire around here. Those who prefer CGI and flag waving should simply watch "Pearl Harbor" again, filmed on a bigger budget a decade and a half earlier.

    The "Spitfire on the beach" is a rather famous Dunkirk related event, that made the news again in 2015, when pre-production work was being done on the film:

    - Shot down during the 1940 evacuation of Dunkirk and reclaimed from its watery grave, the Spitfire that filled the Luftwaffe with dread
    - Geoffrey Dalton Stephenson was Commanding Officer of 19 Squadron
    - He was shot down over Sangatte, near Calais, in combat on May 26, 1940
    - Stephenson had been flying a Supermarine Spitfire MK1 N3200 - protecting British troops during the mass evacuation on beaches of Dunkirk, France
    - Plane was buried under sand and was eventually rediscovered in 1986
    - Prince William today visited Imperial War Museum, Duxford, and sat in the fully restored plane, bequeathed by US philanthropist

    Sure, the movie is flawed in many respects, but in an age of "Super Heroes", refreshing on some levels as well.
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