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The Fall of Berlin (film 1950)

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  • The Fall of Berlin (film 1950)

    I have never seen anything like this. I can not recall the last 1940s or 1950s film that I have watched entirely, other then the following as well as Its a Wonderful Life

    The Fall of Berlin seems far ahead of its time... for its beautiful battle scenes and hypnotizing scenes featuring Hitler and Stalin in very large and open rooms.

    The Fall of Berlin is a Soviet Era produced film. The hero of the tale is Steelworker Alexei Ivanov, whom is a very hardworking man and finds himself attracted to the female star of the film whose name is Natasha. Alexei professes his love for Natasha but the two have their lives interrupted by the German Invasion of the USSR.

    While The Fall of Berlin was produced during the Stalin Era...The Fall of Berlin incorporates true history and numerous times throughout the film we see love and friendship between the Soviets Americans and Brits. The film also seems to be a huge inspiration for future WW2 films especially wrt its depiction of Hitler. We see in the film the slavery supported by the Third Reich, but also the courage of the Soviet people enslaved whom still even while in a concentration camp remained defiant. For anyone whom enjoys the allied cause and the lesson of WW2, The Fall of Berlin is a must watch.
    Long live the Lionheart! Please watch this video
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