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Doctor Who Christmas 2017.

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  • Doctor Who Christmas 2017.

    Well that had some comedy, satire, and fun.

    How did you like it?
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    I managed to stay awake during it so it couldnít have been too bad.

    Iím happy to see him go. He never displayed the same level of empathy towards the human race that the other doctors did. I found him barely tolerable.
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      Somebody should have told the set designer that there were no Lewis guns at Ypres in Dec 1914. Not introduced to the British army before summer 1915.
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          Good to watch. Capaldi ended up being one of my favorite actors to portray the Doctor. Kinda old-school in his look and style, very down-to-earth version of the Doctor. He was held back by Moffatt's lameness, but still shined through.

          I'll miss him in that role. A bit concerned about the new choice for the Doctor, but as long as she's good and entertaining, I won't complain.
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