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  • Stranger Things Season 2

    Anyone binge-watching the 2nd season of Stranger Things? I am!

    The 2nd season is indeed living up to its billing as critically acclaimed series that's making many feeling nostalgic about 80's. The fashion is authentic and some of things like arcade games which I do remember spending many hours playing these games really brings back memories.

    The only thing that really made me chuckle is the series seemingly lack of parental oversight on where kids are. I know kids back then were granted more leeway in outside activities than it is today, but I have a hard time believing these kids could go without coming home for days.

    Otherwise, I'm enjoying the show!
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    Just finished it this afternoon. Agree completely on it's excellence.
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      Don't need to watch it - lived through it, and many others as well.

      As Al Jolson famously used to say: "You ain't seen nothin' yet!"
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