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Media Campaigns by the Axis and Allied Forces during WW2

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  • sebfrench76
    "one of America's greatest and well known film directors , Spike Lee "

    OOOOCH !!
    When you read that at 6.30 Am , you feel like going back to bed.

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  • Stonewall_Jack
    This link shows some more posters from media campaigns by the Axis and Allied Forces of WW2,

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  • Media Campaigns by the Axis and Allied Forces during WW2

    The 2008 film "Miracle At St. Anna" which was directed by Spike Lee includes the following scene which depicts a German broadcast to African Americans during WW2,

    The Germans did have a media campaign directed toward turning African Americans over to the German side..but at the same time the Germans also had leaflets that depicted African Americans as criminals, perhaps as an attempt to reach out to White Americans. One of Americas greatest and well known film Directors..Spike Lee...gets involved in a WW2 film through "Miracle At St Anna". The very scene above reminds me of the real images used by the Third Reich throughout WW2,

    The end of the following scene from Miracle at St Anna showcases German Propaganda not necessarily toward the allies but it shows some the types of posters the Germans used during WW2,

    It leads one to ask what exactly was the motive behind the German depictions of black people in their various Media campaigns involving depictions of African American soldiers in the US army. The scene shown above shows a German WW2 poster the type of which I have seen before(shown on the links above) which shows black folks seeming to carry the load of the US army while at the same time the blacks are depicted as having big grins and looking rather foolish.

    Clearly both the axis and allies side went to considerable lengths to promote their cause as the just cause..both the Japanese and German side reached out to African Americans during WW2. Many including myself would say the allied media campaign was morally better then that of the axis media campaign during WW2. It was not just a media campaign in the USA, such as adds and video promos such as the following,

    But also real actions such as those by the First Lady at the time, Eleanor Roosevelt who no doubt played a role in influencing her husband to improve lives for minorities in the USA.

    Mrs. Roosevelt's most famous act to help an individual who was a victim of racism happened in 1939. She heard that Constitution Hall, a popular concert hall in Washington, refused to let the singer Marian Anderson perform there because she was black. The first lady arranged for Anderson to sing at the Lincoln Memorial, and later invited her to the White House so that she could sing before Britain's king and queen.
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