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    From the top of my head:

    1. fratricide – friendly fire; usually by artillery
    Pork Chop Hill, Kelly's Heroes (Running Joke) "The Reason you can't here me is because you are firing your mortars on your end, and they are landing on our end!"

    2. digging in – soldiers using entrenching tools’
    Battleground, Go For Broke, Big Red One, Our World War, Midway

    3. resupply and feeding of hot food
    Red Ball Express

    4. lack of sleep and its effects
    9. effects of artillery fire on the mental state of the receivers
    All Quiet on the Western Front

    10. chickens*** details
    The Sand Pebbles

    11. accidents
    The Sand Pebbles, The Silent Enemy, Black Hawk Down

    12. replacements and their treatment
    All Quiet on the Western Front, When Trumpets Fade, Hamburger Hill

    14. involuntary urination and defecation
    Blue and the Gray

    15. war weariness
    Blue and the Gray, When Trumpets Fade, Kelly's Heroes, All Quiet on the Western Front, Hell is for Heroes, Hamburger Hill

    Filth mud and much:

    Hamburger Hill



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      I've got one but I don't know how movies would portray it.

      Recently read a few books on Gettysburg and in one of them the author had letters and such quoted from civilians in the path of the two armies moving towards Gettysburg and one of the most remarked upon things was how bad the armies stunk. They don't comment on the horses and cattle moving through, they would've been used to that, but that the men were dirty and extremely stinky. And this from people not used to taking a bath more than once or twice a week at best. I'm not sure movies have done a good job portraying just how filthy and smelly soldiers become when they're in the field. Although I believe there are a few scenes in Das Boot where you can almost see the stink on the submarine crew. IIRC, there's a scene where one crewman flicks a booger on another man. I guess that covers two topics, the filth the men are living in and are used to and the boredom that would lead a man to flick a booger at another man. And I don't believe that the booger recipient even flinched.
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        Originally posted by T. A. Gardner View Post
        Nobody's mentioned lack of sleep and the weather always sucks. It's either too hot, too cold, too sunny, raining, snowing, or something else to make you miserable, or it's all those at once.
        In other words, join the Navy.
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