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R.I.P. Ronnie...

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  • R.I.P. Ronnie...

    The long toll of the brave
    Is not lost in darkness
    Over the fruitful earth
    And athwart the seas
    Hath passed the light of noble deeds
    Unquenchable forever.

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    Very sad news. A great comedian

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    "Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it"
    G.B Shaw

    "They promised us homes fit for heroes, they give us heroes fit for homes."
    Grandad, Only Fools and Horses


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      It's good night from me
      And it's good night from him.


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        BBC4 started to show his Sorry series again but took them off after about six episodes

        Sorely missed. Coincidentally died on the same day that I was a pallbearer at my Ex-wifes, Nan's funeral 'she was 88' in itself a very sad day in a tragic 10 months that my Ex also lost her sister, uncle (who I got on with very well, had great times and was 10 days younger than me) and cousin. Her Grandad took it quite bad which can only be expected for a couple who wed in 1945. He's an ex Gunner and sexton driver. But losing their only son so young, and granddaughter, who was only 48, destroyed his wife's will to live and sadly she literally just gave up.

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        ‘Tis said his form is tiny, yet
        All human ills he can subdue,
        Or with a bauble or medal
        Can win mans heart for you;
        And many a blessing know to stew
        To make a megloamaniac bright;
        Give honour to the dainty Corse,
        The Pixie is a little shite.


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