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    I was wondering if anyone else caught this new series. It is a dramatization on the life of David. I caught the pilot episode last week and the next one is tomorrow.

    This is definitely a show I was waiting for. With Hollywood realizing that Biblical stories sell I thought it would be nice to see a 300 style rendering of the story of Samson and a Rome style rendering of the live of King David. This one wound up on network television instead of HBO which unfortunately limits it in some ways.

    On first viewing I do rather like the attention to detail. The Philistines are portrayed in battle dressed as the Aegean Sea People which is the prevailing opinion of their origin. The show brings up matters of technology as Israel is still a Late Bronze Age society and the Philistines have iron smelting capabilities. They got the appearance of the furnaces right though I'm not sure they got the metal casting accurate. When it comes to the cities the show can't resist giving us towering citadels though the cities do still look fairly period. Unlike One Night With the King which made Persepolis look like something out of Tolkien.

    I can recommend this show to period movie fans across the belief spectrum. This show isn't a God's Not Dead/War Room evangelist parable or 10 Commandments religious play. It doesn't get into the matter of God as much as it gets into the matter of ancient politics. It calls itself an ancient Game of Thrones and while it isn't quite that it does provide a similar feel. It's a good period piece, the acting is decent, and while being on network television cuts down on how long the shows can be, it does minimize Hollywood's temptation to use sex and violence as a substitute for plot.

    Anybody else check it out?
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