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WWII thriller Dunkirk

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    Reading up on Nolan's previous works, as talented as he may be, his interests are elsewhere if his past films are any indication. As of right now, my money says it will be a horrible flic. I'm NOT looking forward to further bastardizing this episode of history, which I'm certain could and would not be complete without heavy depictions of French cowardice in order to appease audience appetites, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary......but what film director even reads history any more?

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      I remember I saw French version of Dunkerque -
      Week-end Zuydcoote
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        Originally posted by Dibble201Bty View Post
        Well, you should not be surprised if it does include an American character who has an English lass back in Blighty....I won't be! And niether will most members of this site and beyond.

        I was thinking the same thing.
        Nolan though does have a good reputation though


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          aka "Weekend at Dunkirk" ...

          Originally posted by dmf01 View Post
          I remember I saw French version of Dunkerque -
          Week-end Zuydcoote
          ... with J-P Belmondo, Sunday afternoon TV fare in the early 70's.

          Plenty of period French equipment & vehicles, but not enough Lee-Enfields to go around. If you look closely, you'll see the odd SMLE facsimile (try saying that 10 times with a mouth full of poutine).

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