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Billy the Kid Playing Croquet?

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  • Billy the Kid Playing Croquet?

    I have been reading up on the Lincoln County War and have been amazed how corrupt the government and judiciary was in Lincoln County. The District Attorney, who prosecuted Henry "Billy the Kid" McCarty, William Rynerson murdered the Chief Justice of the New Mexico Territory General John Slough after he started firing Judges, DA's and US Marshals engaged in corruption.
    The more you learn about Henry, the more you like him.
    National Geographic has found a new photo, which may be a photo of Henry playing croquet. This is actually the kind of photo that you might find. One that no one would ever think related to him.
    Croquet was hugely popular in the 1870's and 1880's.

    I hope it turns out to be true, because it adds more to the mystery who Henry was.

    My research so far is located on my blog, briankeithohara blogspot Billy the Kid

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