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Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners

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    Originally posted by slick_miester View Post
    My understanding is that slavery was part and parcel of the Imperial experience, especially in the West Indies, but that chattel slavery was rather novel within the British Isles even prior to the 1770s: manpower was more than plentiful in that time and place, such that the powers-that-were in Great Britain and Ireland were more than happy to export it, to North America, the West Indies, Australia, etc. Is that understanding in need of rectifying?

    I myself have always had my theories about your relationship with the Prince of Darkness.
    Sorry forgot to reply to this. There were some good replies.

    Originally posted by Salinator View Post
    Two or three years ago a British member made some remark about slavery in America and I brought up the extent of British participation in slavery which of course morphed into a thread where a lot of butthurt members flying Union Jacks or St. Georges treated me as if I was the devil incarnate. It was as bad if not worse than the Lost Causers in the American Civil War forum. I came to the conclusion that it was a very sensitive topic to Brits and so I am very surprised about this show.
    Can't say as do not remember the thread, wonder if I got all defensive? I think it is like anything a lot of people are overly invested in defending the image of a country or place because they are from it. I do think there a significant number of people who are not aware of or do not fully see the negatives of British history.

    Watched the final part of the documentary and well worth watching.
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