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    New Trailer!

    I was if’e about Ant-Man, I still don’t like that it’s not Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne (they should’ve been in AoU), but this trailer has gotten me up for it! It looks like Marvel is checking off the action-comedy box and can the next trailer have the Wasp in it.


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      A tub or two of ant powder should dispel a sequel.

      Atom Ant or Secret Squirrel next?

      ‘Tis said his form is tiny, yet
      All human ills he can subdue,
      Or with a bauble or medal
      Can win mans heart for you;
      And many a blessing know to stew
      To make a megloamaniac bright;
      Give honour to the dainty Corse,
      The Pixie is a little shite.


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        The toy train bit was funny. I will go see the movie. What else is there, Fast and Furious 15, or whatever they are up to?


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          Thought I would comment on this as well. Saw it last week and thought it an excellent addition to the Marvel pantheon. It was entertaining, appropriately funny, and fit well into the established story lines already introduced. I would rate it just short of last years Guardians of the Galaxy in overall appeal.

          The crossovers were well played, I thought. Falcon was a complete surprise, and the Cap bit at the end provided an effective teaser for Civil War. My only nit pick was the scene featuring the original Ant Man and Wasp taking down the nuclear missile. It stretched credibility a bit far.

          Still, well worth the money to see it. The voice over narratives were an absolute scream, particularly the one featuring Stan Lee and the Falcon. Don't know who the Chinese woman was, but I suspect we will see her again somewhere along the line.

          In short, if you value my opinion on movies at all, go see it. It is good, strong entertainment.


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            Agree. I enjoyed it quite a bit.
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              A bit late but I enjoyed it as well. The MCU even with some ups and downs (Ironman II, Agents of Shield when it started) has not let me down, unlike say Abrams Trek.


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