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    Originally posted by Martok View Post

    ...Ok, sure, Natalie Portman is a very attractive woman, but it wouldn’t bother me a bit if Marvel banished her from the Thor franchise and replaced her with an actress willing to act even in a film she doesn’t want to be in. Sorry, Marvel rant...
    You will be glad to hear that that she only has a cameo in Avengers2 and it seems that Jane and Thor are over. I guess that Marvel got tired of her ‘I’m too good for the MCU’ attude.

    Now in Thor3 Thor can be with Sif and they don't @&%* it up like Winter Soldier didn't have Steve & Natasha together at the end!


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      I was surfing around on Youtube and found this video. Produced by Watch Mojo the topic is the same as I chose for this thread, so of course I watched it to compare their picks with mine.

      Only three were the same. However in re-reading my work here I believe the criteria for selection was a bit different. I was as much or more concerned with selecting effective characters as simply gorgeous sci-fi babes. The Watch Mojo criteria appeared to be just the opposite. Not that I am complaining.

      Still, the Watch Mojo fair is entertaining to watch. It was interesting to note although they did select Zev Bellringer as one of their top babes they chose the second season replacement Lips version as opposed to first season true sex-pot.

      Ah, well, judge and compare for yourself:

      Oh, by the way. For those who may be interested I am working on another Top Ten List, to be published here soon. I hope. If the website manages to stay up. The topic for my third effort requires a bit more work, but it is a topic I have been wanting to address and I am having fun with it.
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        Lexx was so bad that nothing associated with that show should ever be on a top 10 list unless it is a "worst of" list.

        Where's Ripley?


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          Originally posted by AdrianE View Post
          Lexx was so bad that nothing associated with that show should ever be on a top 10 list unless it is a "worst of" list.
          Yeah, I understand what you are saying. I made an effort to watch Lexx, but gave up after season two. I thought the first 10 or so episodes at least worthy of the time investment. Beyond that...

          As for Ripley...I don't remember why I didn't include her.


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