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The Story of the Jews with Simon Schama

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  • The Story of the Jews with Simon Schama

    The Story of the Jews, by Simon Schama, is an interesting look into Jewish life, and how Jews lived throughout the years. Schama travels around numerous parts of the world to bring the viewer the story of the Jews. I have just begun watching this series and would recommend it to anyone.

    The Story of the Jews draws on primary sources which include the Elephantine papyri, a collection of 5th century BC manuscripts illuminating the life of a town of Jewish soldiers and their families in ancient Egypt; the astonishing trove of documents the Cairo Geniza recording the world of the medieval Jews of the Mediterranean and Near East; the records of disputations between Christians and Jews in Spain, correspondence between the leader of the Arab revolt during the First World War, Emir Feisal and the leader of the Zionist movement Chaim Weizmann.


    Here are a few pieces from the series that I especially enjoyed,

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