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Atlas Shrugged III -Who Is John Galt

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  • Atlas Shrugged III -Who Is John Galt

    Just got home from seeing Atlas Shrugged part III -Who is John Galt. Not going to say I was disappointed with the movie just that I preferred Parts I &II. This of course was the end of the storyline and it was, how should I say a "feel good" type storyline. The first two left you ticked off (mild statement), but this one was the idea that it was not "The End" but "The Beginning". Of course the critics hated both the first and second but they outdid themselves on this one. What do you expect from a bunch of Hollywood liberals.
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    I definitely felt that it was not as good as the first 2. It struck me as skimping on the story with narrative replacing actual film making in most parts.
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