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2013 Upcoming Movies Revisited

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  • 2013 Upcoming Movies Revisited

    Last year I did my annual preview of upcoming war movies and I decided to revisit the list to see which ones actually made it to theaters and how good they were. The results were disappointing. Below is the original list with comments in red.


    In the Army Now - Andy Dick stars - 'nuf said status undetermined, hopefully someone performed a mercy killing

    Earthworks - doughboys on the Western Front in development

    Yellow Earth - Japanese PWs escape from a camp in Australia in development

    Under the Gray - story of Confederate General Patrick Cleburne; unfortunately starring Trace Adkins in development

    The Battle of Ripcord - Vietnam War combat due August 1 / true story of the last American battle of the Vietnam War - the siege of Firebase Ripcord

    Mayaguez - the famous raid to rescue the ship also titled Day of Heroes / due in 2015 / $20 million budget

    P-51 Dragon Fighter - all I have is the title which is super-cool due in 2014 / no name cast / poster tells it all - P-51s versus dragons! / hope its as good as Warbirds by SyFy

    Saints and Soldiers: The Void filming / same director as the other Saints and Soldiers movies

    No Better Place to Die - 82nd Airborne in Normandy; directed by Dale Dye! unknown status; possible funding problems / will be based on the Battle of La Friere Bridge / $20 m budget

    Four Saints - nurses on the Western Front in WWI also entitled Angles in Flanders / has been in development since 2004 - don't hold your breath on this one

    St. Nazaire - the British WWII raid; please be good! unknown status

    1066 - please don't suck! pre-production - they want to realese on the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings - Oct 14, 2015 / I think it will concentrate on Harold and cover both battles

    Grace and Danger - WWII France in development

    The 34th Battalion - WWI Western Front Australian film / pre-production / the unit goes from Gallipoli to the Western Front

    Stalingrad this one has been released in Russia and I assume parts of Europe// huge budget and directed by Bondarchuk's (War and Peace) son, but the reviews have been harsh and a friend who is a big war movie fan could not make it very far before turning it off / supposed to reach the States on Feb 28, 2014

    Citizen Soldiers - correspondent hooks up with an infantry division (the 28th) in the Ardennes in WWII due Dec. 16 (get it?) / Dale Dye is third billed / combat patrol pre-onslaught / tag line: "the Alamo in the Ardennes" / $20 m budget

    Crack shot suggested The Long Green Shore and 17 days of Winter - both are still in development

    So, of all the possible war movies on the list that were supposedly coming out in 2013, none of them made it to theaters in the U.S.

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    Andy Dick? In a movie about being in the Army? My God, how could anyone in the either the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense sign off on that?

    Andy Dick is one of the most no talent hacks ever to darken a television screen. By all that is holy please don't let this movie be made.


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      Wait. Didn't he already do that movie with Pauly Shore in the 90's?
      "War is sorrowful, but there is one thing infinitely more horrible than the worst horrors of war, and that is the feeling that nothing is worth fighting for..."
      -- Harper's Weekly, December 31, 1864


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        What's up with Joihn Woo Flying Tigers stuff?

        Love Bondarchuk, but come, Stalingrad again. How about Manchuria?
        texjoy861 from youtube:

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