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  • Hunger Games 2

    Preview is out:

    Since the first movie I read the books. Didn't take long because they were not very deep, but I think they did a good job with the first film so I will probably go see this one as well.

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    My kids were right in the demographic at which these novels were aimed when they first came out. My son was a big fan, so the whole family ended up reading read all of them. The books, and therefore the first movie, are full of old SF tropes that seem new and fresh to a younger audience.

    There will be a greater challenge for the film-makers in adapting the later books. We spend a good deal of time in the heroine's head, and find she is a normal teenager full of self doubt and desire to break away from adult interference. However, it is apparent that she has a natural leadership quality that is not examined in detail because it just 'happens'.

    But in a movie, we can't spend time rattling around in someone's head. The natural leadership quality will of necessity be the crux of the story, and that may be tricky to do and stay completely faithful to the texts. But the family and I will be there to see how it plays out
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      Has anyone seen this yet? I mean the actual movie, as it was released on the 22nd. I included the second trailer just because.


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        The movie was great it explains more details of the society they live in.
        I can't wait for the next film and see if the government falls.


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          Great film. Saw it twice!
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