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    Have now seen the first regular installment of the new ITV Inspector Morse prequel series, Endeavour, set in 1960s Britain during the initial career of Inspector Endeavour Morse (played the by late great John Thaw) back when he was starting out as a detective constable. Although there have only been two episodes so far (the pilot episode last year and this first regular episode) it has quickly become my current favourite TV detective program. Has all the hallmarks of the original Morse and Lewis sequel series: labyrinthine plots, a wide range of characters, great acting and writing, and almost impossible to predict culprits. No lingering camera shots to give away the murderer, no all-seeing detectives who manage to solve the crime at a cursory glance and no obviously deranged psychopathic killers which seem to be common fare these days in detective series. Simply hard pursued detective work in which both the viewer and the detectives seems to be at a loss until the the very last moment. They've even managed to introduce a number of the regulars from the initial Morse series - Chief Inspector Strange (as a simple police constable) and the coroner DeBrynn - and have done a very good job in their casting, managing to find an actor who can mimic DeBrynn's rather strange voice pattern and Strange's propensity to say "matey". All in all, a very good series. Definitely worth watching.

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