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Exit Humanity - A good pick for zombie fans!

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  • Exit Humanity - A good pick for zombie fans!

    If you like zombie flicks I have a reccomendation. I just saw Exit Humanity via Netflix. It is worth the view.

    Exit Humanity puts a fresh spin on the zombie genre by taking place shortly after the Civil War. A Confederate war vet goes hunting and comes back to find his wife is zombiefied, along with most of Tennessee.

    The tone of the film is fairly serious, more Walking Dead than the Nazi zombie flick from Scandinavia. The acting is a tad overdone but hey, zombies. It's not Shakespeare. Pretty country scenery and good zombie effects throughout along with animated cutscenes that are kinda interesting.

    Be advised that the film does wander from time to time as the main character tries to play the Thin Red Line philosophical voiceover routine but it's not nearly as distracting and the movie does keep going. The gore is kept to a minimum with more focus on zombie shooting than zombie munching which comes as a plus for me ever since IBD weakened my tolerance for munch scenes.

    Overall a fine addition to the zombie collection. Worth seeing at least once, I give it four stars.
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