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Spartacus: War of the Damned

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  • Spartacus: War of the Damned

    I've just finished the first three seasons. Blood and Sand, Gods of the Arena, and Vengeance. Now the final season will air starting January 2013, War of the Damned!

    A trailer:

    Some say its all about sex and violence, but there is also drama and love. There really is nothing closer towards portraying the dirty side of Rome and sure its a bit bloody for some folks, but war was not pretty. At least there is blood unlike the Spartacus movie and the dubbed over tin sounding sword clangs. Its the raw, up close and terrifying kind of action that the ancient world was known for and that's why I love the time period. It was a whole different attitude to war and seeing two kinds of combat clash is exciting as hell. One, creative, wild, and hard to master, the other, ordered, machine-like and easy to train. That a bunch of arena slaves managed to get that far against the Romans is testament to the kind of man Spartacus was, and I'm glad someone made a TV series about it, and I'm glad it wasn't some low-budget, dulled down for prime time audiences, with commercials crap. It was taken to the fullest limit of decency.
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    You bet, sad to see the last season of this as they could have gone on so much further into this. But the producer/writers have another project, something about Pirates I think, of all things?? No clue if it will be on the same cable company though either.

    Cheers, looking forward to it, and yes more than a few here and there don't "get it" as all they see is the sex and violence ONLY, to bad for them I beleave.



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      Well, they need to bring in a whole crap-load of new characters. They killed just about EVERYONE off at the end of this last season. Including Mira. so I'm ambivalent about seeing another minute of this 300-style bit of film. Slaughter for its own sake is boring, and so common these days... even when they use those ridiculous blood-splashes.

      Yes, this is as different from the original film as rap is different from epic rock. The original had Romans that were not cut-out, one-dimensional parodies that any Barbarian Chieftain be entertained by. In the movie, it was shown how the Spartacus events were used to begin the transformation from Republic to Empire.
      In the series, not a single Roman of any sort would have opposed that move, and Caesar would have lived to a ripe old age.

      Now, here's a bit of truth that the movie never touched, AND I bet the series won't either; the Slave Army could have left Italy. Even without the Pirates, they made it to the north end and could have walked away from Rome. Spartacus wanted to... however, his men wanted to stay and plunder the Romans for a few more years. They had acquired a taste for rape and pillage.
      Nah, they won't get into that, will they?

      That said, you have to admire the commitment of the people making this series. The death of the lead actor at the end of season one would end most projects. Instead, they went back and made a series of back-story, and then went on with another season that actually had important elements connected to that back-story.
      Nice save.


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