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  • Mountain Man
    Obama will love it!

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  • Jose50
    "...hey, Billybob...whut's this movie about?"

    So I guess this film would not really be appreciated in the red states?

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  • ShAA
    The film is pretty good as an illustration to the novel as it faithfully follows the original script, but it will not work on the audience which hasn't seen it. To understand the often sophisticated postmodernist gags and puns in the movie and the book, you've got to know Russian very well, have firsthand knowledge of the "mad 90ies" with their iconic symbols and memes. Add the knowledge of ancient religious doctrines and authors like Castaneda to the whole set of ingredients, and you'll possibly be able to grasp 80% of what's happening on the screen. I'm wondering what kind of audience the film's American producers are expecting.

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  • traviscloyd
    started a topic GENERATION P


    You are invited to watch this rare example of a Russian indie film, a brilliantly visual and dangerous film soon to invade cinemas…

    GENERATION P, adapted from the internationally-lauded bestseller by Victor Pelevin, is a rude and funny dispatch about Moscow, ground zero to the money, terror, and image-driven paradigm which has replaced the Cold War.

    The story depicts the rise of Babylen Tatarsky through Russia’s nascent advertising business, and his parallel initiation into the ancient cult of Ishtar, queen of all that glitters in the film’s hallucinogenic brave new world. We also meet Che Guevara, a fiery dragon with bad news about TV, and a chauffeur with a marked resemblance to Putin, who is elected president.

    Generation P is a riddle, a farce, a romance about the ecstasy of disintegration, and an obscene joke about the end of the world.

    North American Release:
    Premiere event
    Los Angeles Premiere -- Nov. 15, 2012, Party starts at 8 PM, Screening starts at 10 PM at Sundance Sunset 5, 8000 Sunset Blvd
    NY Screening For Press & NYU -- Thursday, November 8, 2012, 7 PM at 19 West 4th St. RM 101 NY, NY 10012

    Opening night – Nov. 16, 2012 at following theaters:
    Los Angeles; Sundance Sunset 5
    New York; Angelika, Lincoln Center, Sheepshead Bay
    Chicago; Landmark Century
    DC; Landmark E Street
    Boston; Landmark Kendall
    San Francisco; Landmark – Clay
    Miami; AMC Aventura

    Official Selection for Toronto Film Festival, Karlovy Vary (Grand Jury Prize), Lincoln Center – New Directors New Films, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Mumbai, Vancouver, London (Time Out Pick of Week)

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