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    Belle threatens to leave Mr. Gold if he doesn't change his ways; the dwarves try to find fairy dust in the Storybrooke mine; Rumplestiltskin tries to save his wife from a band of pirates.
    Say wot?

    Anyone watch this drivel?

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    I've seen a few bits here and there, it's as bad as it sounds. They are trying to be very groundbreaking and unique by bringing fairy tales into a modern US small town, but they went about it in all the wrong ways.
    It's so bizarrely dumb in its details nothing can be salvaged. The "evil queen" can think of endless atrocities and curses but she can't consider maybe paying 5 bucks to some hobo to stab the princess or whatever. It has to be some outlandish magical plot device every time.
    Besides instead of sticking to one plot, they find it necessary to squeeze in every single fairy tale characters, from Hansel and Gretel to Snow White and everything in between even when it clearly serves no purpose.

    For some reason critics actually like it...


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      Fairy tales on TV? Just watch the news.
      "A common thug can kill someone, but it takes the talents of an intelligence service to make a murder appear to be a suicide or accident death." -- James Angleton, CIA, Chief of Counterintelligence.


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        Originally posted by unclefred View Post
        Fairy tales on TV? Just watch the news.
        I quit watching Fox also.
        "Ask not what your country can do for you"

        Left wing, Right Wing same bird that they are killing.

        you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.


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          I started watching it when it came out because it had a kind of quirky approach, but it rapidly fell apart after the pilot and I quit about episode #3.

          Good concept - lousy execution.
          Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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            Originally posted by Mountain Man View Post
            Good concept - lousy execution.
            Talk about a recurring theme in TV...

            I'll check it out.
            After all, its not about Cops, Lawyers and/or Doctors.
            Some nights, that's all the choice you get.


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