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  • "2016 Obama's America"

    Just got home from seeing the movie "2016 Obama's America" and it was a really interesting and powerful film. I would highly recommend it if you're at all interested in learning who and what our president is really all about. It was by no means a "hit piece" movie, but one anchored in facts and it really made me think about what our future might be, should Obama be re-elected. The movie was very well structured and took no cheap shots at the president. It just outlined and gave the reasons for his current political agenda and the direction the country is now heading in, oftentimes using his own words to do so. Three of us went to an early matinee' and the theatre was still more than half full of people. As the movie let out, I noticed alot of people talking in hushed tones about the movie. The people I overheard talking were plainly shocked and surprised about what they'd learned from the movie that they never knew before. Probably explains why the movie is billed as "The Movie the Omama Administration Doesn't Want You To See." Even with a limited theatrical showing, the movie in nearly number 1 in the nation this week
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    The liberals are clueless to its success with no promotional budget.
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