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  • The Bourne Legacy

    So ... uhm ... has anyone watched it yet? Worth the money? I can't find any one amongst my friends and family that has actually watched it yet. Maybe that's telling me something.

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    Not to fills in the caps in regards the brain washing programme and where Jason Bourne and others of his ilk come from and the division of the CIA that developed the "killers" programme and their solution to shutting it down....No sex and a lot of violence and a good chase scene.......Good afternoons entertainment...


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      I agree with Bow, of course. All three are good solid entertainment and tied together or as stand alone films. Beats the H out of all the Rambo's and Die Hard and others of this type. Great travel log is extra at no cost.
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        I'm gonna wait for the Bourne Colonoscopy... I hear there will be lots of twists and turns...
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          I just watched it. Fun movie. Makes me wonder though why anyone would want to join a "special program" because eventually someone is going to decide your program needs to be shut down and try to kill you with another "special program".


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            Is it a character change or just an actor change?
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              I think it's a character change. The movie is about the fallout from what happened over the Bourne trilogy. I completely missed the movie. It didn't do very well here. Oh well. Maybe I'll wait for the DVD.


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                It was a fun movie, fast paced and dramatic. I liked Jeremy Renner's character and Rachel Weisz was excellent. The motorcycle chase was just a bit long and I hoped for a bit more depth in the villians.


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                  Not as good as previous Bournes but I thought it was good and intertwined nicely with the other films particulalry the third one.


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                    It's character change, and I agree with the motorcycle chase being way too freaking long.


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