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Anyone watching Hatfields & McCoys?

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  • Anyone watching Hatfields & McCoys?

    The History Channel has been busy sucking, I know, but they did suspend their " history, let's just make cheap "reality" shows" marathon long enough to slip in this miniseries with Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton. It's pretty interesting, worth at least a view. Part 2 tonight with a reshowing of 1 if you missed it, 3 in all.
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    I watched it and the movie is pretty good. It would be much better if Kevin Costner weren't in it. I don't like him and usually avoid any of his movies. He must be desperate for work to do a TV miniseries.
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      It's interesting so far!
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        If HC got the story right it looks to me that the whole feud started with a difference in values (one turning his back on the Confederacy - the other being very religious). The pig, timber, and son/daughter affair are really just logs on an already burning fire.

        I liked the episode last night and look forward to tonight's.
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          It was okay.

          I'd give it a 6 out of 10.
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            Probably the best thing on the History channel in a while.
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              My cousin who is related by blood to one and by marriage to another,called me today and asked if I saw it. I said not yet. It is on my DVR. I don't have the mind to sit and watch it. When you lose a friend,you don't comprehend what is on tv.
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