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City of Life and Death - Nanking

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  • City of Life and Death - Nanking

    Required viewing imho. Best foreign film I've ever seen, and that includes all those martial arts movies that make me smile.

    Without giving away too much, you start with a combat scene where the city is taken. This lasts about 25 minutes, and is about the most realistic I've seen in any film. The next 15 minutes or so is how they treat the military prisoners. The rest of the film is about the occupation.

    What you actually have is a film that begins like Saving Private Ryan and then turns into Schindler's List. What makes the film both awesome and shocking is the treatment of the Japanese soldiers. They are portrayed as normal people most of the time, it's just the complete lack of regard for the Chinese that shows how low men can sink too.

    A must see movie.

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    I saw the film on telly about a month ago. I was flicking through the channels and just happen to stumble on it. I watched it from when the Actor Fan Wei (Mr. Tang) was about to organise official papers ?? He seemed to be on good terms with the Japanese. From then on in, it was just one harrowing movie where you would think that you have settled on some of the central characters then 'BANG' they are dead. Infact the only heroes to survive are....

    Great film with excellent acting and camera work. I would recommend it.

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      I found this film very distressing. In all honesty, it made me more depressed and despondent toward the nature of mankind to the point that I am now a misanthrope. So many people suffer so much for no good justifiable reason just for the sake of geopolitics. Why? It's so stupid. I really disliked this for its graphic and distressing nature, but I don't regret watching it--it was one of those experiences that made me get rid of my rosy coloured glasses. Why do people view such suffering as entertainment?


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        I watched it on in Netflix a couple of weeks ago and tis an excellent movie but so sad.
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          I saw this on Netflix also and thought it was a very good movie, and also somewhat depressing. Much like 'Schindler's List.' Great cast and good acting and I like that it was filmed in B&W. It felt like watching an old newsreel film that just sucks you in and won't let go of you for 2+ hours.


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