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What movies/shows have you outgrown?

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  • What movies/shows have you outgrown?

    Some fads of youth stick with you. At 30 I still like Alf, Short Circuit, and Flight of the Navigator. And Tron. And Animaniacs. But I've noticed that as you age some entertainment just loses it's flavor. Or goes on to look downright stupid. What have you finally had enough of that you once thought was awesome?

    For me-

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. How ITH is this show still running??? Some kid shows are timeless, like Looney Tunes. But how does this campy travesty survive? Every episode had the exact same plot!

    Mortal Kombat. Although this movie defined awesome when I was 13, now even the power of nostalgia can't get me through 30 minutes of it. And I still like the game.

    Exo Squad. Okay part of me still likes this show. It had continuity and I still love the soundtrack. But the characters were stupid and as of late it's getting harder to stand.

    MASH. My parents watched that show way too much. I suppose at one time it was good but sheer repetition have caused me to loathe just hearing the theme music.

    McGee and Me. This was the Veggie Tales of Christian kid TV in the '80s. Second only to Adventures in Odyssey. I considered using it for class until I watched it again and realized how dumb it was. It has a fine message but it's just.....campy.

    Anything involving Ernest. Especially the TV show. I found a copy of the series and now wonder why 9 year old Pirateship wanted to see this over Desert Storm special reports. This show was dumber than Power Rangers. Which is saying something. Shame Jim Varney passed away but egad was thiz show dumb.

    That's my list. What are your picks?
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    Wild Wild West
    The Man From Uncle
    I Spy
    Daniel Boone
    Years ago I couldn't miss any of these, now, I'd rather watch the grass grow.


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      TV in general...
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        I haven't outgrown many. I still watch Family Guy,Robot Chicken,Aqua Teen Hunger Force,now known as Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1,Squidbillies,Morel Orel. You get the picture.
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          Sitcoms don't survive very well for me. When I watched back episodes of many of them, I simply didn't find them funny anymore. Mr Bean, however, still has the ability to get me into stitches.


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            I was never a fan of sitcoms. But Benny Hill was my favorite,even though he wasn't a sitcom. I also loved Monty Python.
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              Any show that expects it's audience to be at a 5th grade level. This covers almost all sitcoms.
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