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  • C.S.A. - Confederate States of America

    I was in the mood for a political satire and CSA billed itself as a comedy so I added it on the Netflix queue. CSA is a mockumentary on American history if the CSA has won the Civil War. I expected a cartoonish Dukes of Hazardish comedy. What I got was just awkwardness.

    I should have known upon seeing Spike Lee's name on the sleeve that this film was going to be stupid but in the interests of giving all films a fair chance, a decision which never ceases to punish me for my kindness, I gave it a go.

    Although advertised as if a comedy the mockumentary actually portrays itself deadly serious. There is no lightheartedness to the film, except during the "commercials" featuring CSA type advertising that tries to lampoon Leave it to Beaver and '50s PSAs but again just comes off as awkward.

    Meanwhile the serious portion of the film is devoid of believeability, destroying what attempts the producers may have had of giving the mockumentary a moral or any context. The film lacks the humor to be entertaining while being too filled with historical innacuracies (the South didn't want to conquer the union, just leave it is one of many) to be thought provoking. The Confederate flag on the moon was the only funny part and that meme got done to death on the internet years ago. All I can say is that it was...well...awkward.

    After 20 minutes of neither humor nor intelligent what if speculation I switched the movie off and tossed it right back to Netflix. I instead got my fill of faked southern accents and cultural stereotypes with that far more entertaining, more philosophically in depth, and more accurate portrayal of alternate future: Robot Jox.

    The B in this B-Movie stands for "badass"!
    A new life awaits you in the off world colonies; the chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!

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