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Medieval History - two to watch on the BBC

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  • Medieval History - two to watch on the BBC

    Just mentioned these on the 'Medieval Warrior Kings' thread, but thought I should also post here. Not sure if people outside the UK can access the BBC iplayer - but if so, and they have an interest in medieval history, I can recommend the first, and the second also looks good.

    Currently watching Janina Ramirez's The Private Lives Of Medieval Kings on BBC4 - just watched the second episode tonight (it's a three parter) - and the first two are still up on the iplayer for those who haven't seen it.

    "There is no doubt that this collection held by the British Library provides us all with unique opportunities to explore in-depth the lives of our Kings from the medieval period. The beauty and ingenuity of these manuscripts, that have stood the test of time, also tells us a great deal about a relatively forgotten period of our history. We are delighted to be telling this fascinating story through the British Library’s exhibition and through this mesmerising series with BBC Four." Says series consultant Dr Scot McKendrick, Head of History and Classics at the British Library."

    A link to an article about the series:

    Link to the 2 episodes broadcast so far at BBC iplayer:

    Next up, starting this Wednesday 18th Jan on BBC2 at 9.30pm:

    The Story of the Crusades:

    In this new three-part series for BBC Two, Dr Thomas Asbridge presents his revelatory account of the Crusades, the 200-year war between Christians and Muslims for control of the Holy Land.

    The story of the Crusades is remembered as a tale of religious fanaticism and unspeakable violence, but now fresh research, eyewitness testimony, and contemporary evidence from both the Christian and Islamic worlds shed new light on how these two great religions waged war in the name of God.

    Episode one traces the epic journey of the first crusaders, as they marched 3,000 miles from Europe to recapture the city of Jerusalem from Islam, enduring starvation, disease and bloodthirsty battle to reach their sacred goal, and then unleashed an appalling tide of barbaric violence upon their Muslim enemies. Yet far from being the invincible holy warriors of legend, Dr Asbridge reveals that these crusaders actually considered surrender in the midst of their titanic expedition

    Clip and info here:
    - Mad Jack Churchill.

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    I love British historical dramas.

    Thanks for the heads-up.
    Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?


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      Terrific Ms. Jennie! Thanks for posting
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