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If you like steampunk, check out Master of the World.

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  • If you like steampunk, check out Master of the World.

    Before Steampunk was a genre it was just called Sci Fi by the Victorians and Jules Verne did a number of good ones.

    I just saw the movie version of Master of the World and I highly reccomend it. Based on, but taking some liberties with, the novel, Master of the World features Vincent Price and Charles Bronson. The story is about an inventor who builds an airship with the intent of ending bombing the out of everything with it.

    The novel was a morality play against totalitarianism. In the movie the skipper says he considers himself a "citizen of the world" making me wonder if this version wasn't a semi-veiled jab at the U.N..

    Although the movie does have some of the '60s whimsy as seen in Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines and The Great Race, it does overall remain serious and is quite visually entertaining.

    And tell me this airship doesn't look straight up Dystopian Wars.

    Although an old and lesser known movie, there is a cleaned up version on DVD that did a pretty decent job of remastering it. I believe Amazon carries a copy. It's worth seeing.

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    It is streaming on Netflix. I watched it a couple weeks back. Pretty decent flix imo.

    Jules Verne is awesome but it looks like he plagarised his most famous work,20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,when he wrote the book for this.
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      Verne was decidedly anti-war/anti-government and seemed to view technology as a better way to even the score.

      20,000 Leagues was about slavery, repressive governments and destroying warships.

      Master of the World was also about destroying the means to wage war.

      Sadly, remakes of these films always fall short because the likes of James Mason and Vincent Price are no longer with us.
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