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First Trailer for The Hobbit Released

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    Does anyone know where they are splitting the movie? I haven't looked for that information, but my guess would be in Mirkwood when the dwarves are captured and brought to Thranduil's kingdom.
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      hard to know really, we dont know what tweaks Peter Jackson is adding to assist the flow of the movie; remember the editing changes made in LOTR the first time around in order to make the film and story flow more readily on the big screen... might be right though, but i imagine there will be changes made...


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        Originally posted by Naffenea View Post
        Oh my, and in 3D!!! I think I just messed myself!!!
        ...if it draws the viewer into Middle Earth like Avatar did with Pandora then it will be a fantastic experience...!!!


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          I liked the books and the movies but they all had flaws.

          I felt cheated when Aragorn married Arwen out of the blue in the books. Arwen is never mentioned until he suddenly marries her. I thought this part was much better done in the movies. I disliked the fact they did not state why Denethor gave up hope when he saw the black sails in the Palantir and how it affected Gandalf.

          I could never explain the eagles as they seemed to have no problems getting Frodo out of Mordor, but not in. Again too much Deus Ex Machina. I guess the same could be said for the Ents as why didn't they join the war on Sauron by marching to the gates.
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            The eagles would have had to fly against the "Wraiths on Wings" and would have been way too obvious a route in. The Council approved the stealth entry and they stuck with it.

            As for the Ents, they only got involved with the forest was directly threatened and went back to herding trees when that emergency passed.
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              The only part of LOTR I really disliked was how they handled the Paths of the Dead. The skull avalanche just looked too campy to me. IMO it would have been better to follow the book where Aragorn summons the dead from the Black Stone and they obey.
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