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Raid on St. Nazaire - The Movie.....Sort of.

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  • Raid on St. Nazaire - The Movie.....Sort of.

    I found an interesting film with a serioue role by Lloyd Bridges. It's called Attack on the Iron Coast. In the movie Lloyd Bridges leads a group of commandos on a harbor raid. The plan is to take a minesweeper loaded full of explosives, ram it into a drydock. and jump out and do as much mayhem as possible while waiting for it to blow up. Does this plan sound familiar anyone?

    I don't know if St. Nazaire is a copyrighted term or what but these guys did the raid in everything but name only. Well, and the Cambeltown was a tad bigger. The movie never mentions the name, but if they weren't trying to do a movie on the St. Nazaire raid that's an epic number of coincidences.

    It's a short film and a tad low budget, with the raid being the climax rather than the focus of the film but it is an entertaining film to watch.

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    A better movie about the Raid is Glory at sea, with Trevor howard, James Donaldson and Richard attenborough. Its the story of the Destroyer used to ram the dock. In the movie the ship is not named Cambeltown, but iots a better movie than Attack on the iron coast. It also known as "the gift Horse"


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