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New Book: The Dega - A MIKE Force Novel

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  • New Book: The Dega - A MIKE Force Novel

    One of our distinguished member, Shaun M. Darragh (aka lirelou) has just published his first novel, strongly inspired by his experience with the II MIKE Force in Vietnam, try it!

    You can read the first 20 pages on the Hellgate website here:

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    Congratulations, Lou!!
    Dirige domine cor meum in prelio et doce manus in bello


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      I just finished this awesome read. Epic is the only way to describe it. I will however, provide a couple of critical observations. The development of the St Cyr character at the beginning is a bit disjointed and choppy, but as the storyline moves along, all I can say is "awesome". There's a few obvious typos, but you will simply make a mental note you recognized it and rush to the next sentence to continue with the story. If you are a fan of VN war novels, this is a "must read".
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